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How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

How Much Does Divorce CostThe law firm of Robert E. Hornberger, P.C. is committed to keeping its fees affordable for Long Islanders like you. It is impossible to quote how much your divorce will cost without knowing the specifics of your case. Every case is unique and every methodology of divorce resolution has a different cost associated with it based upon the time and resources we need to dedicate to resolving your case and protecting your interests.

To be sure, certain strategies are generally more affordable than others. For example, Divorce Mediation is generally a fraction of the cost of Divorce Litigation, but even then it depends upon you and your spouse’s ability to work out your differences and issues outside of a courtroom in our offices.

Each Case Unique

The nature and complexity of your case and your willingness to negotiate will determine the final cost to you. For example, if you have complex financial holdings, large debts, multiple children and you or your spouse are unwilling to negotiate any points, your case can take a great deal of time and resources on our part and your costs will reflect that. However, if you and your spouse have no children, few assets and debts, and you are willing to work together to resolve the legal and financial issues involved in your divorce, it can be very inexpensive indeed.

Keeping Your Costs as Low as Possible

In any event, we will do everything in our power to keep your costs as low as possible. Unlike some other law firms, we will not “nickel and dime” you to death by charging you for every 30 second phone call or five-minute email.

To find out more and get a better estimate of the costs that may be associated with your divorce, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation with our principal partner, attorney Robert E. Hornberger, Esq. This will give us a better opportunity to understand the complexity of your case, discuss the options available to you and provide you with a more accurate assessment of the costs that are likely to be involved. Contact us at 631-923-1910 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll be happy to schedule a complimentary initial consultation appointment at a time that is convenient to you.