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As a Divorce Lawyer on Long Island, I have seen, and I’m sure you have stumbled across internet advertisements declaring that you can receive a divorce on Long Island for anywhere between $500 and $399. Like most individuals searching for an affordable way to obtain a Divorce Lawyer in Nassau County or Suffolk County, you likely clicked this link, visited the website and inquired as to what they had to offer.

However, when something seems “too good to be true”, you can be sure it usually is. Most large law firms that offer Long Island Divorces at these low rates are more concerned with quantity than quality. Sure, you can easily walk into a firm and give them $500 for your divorce, but it is unlikely you will be told the filing fees in Nassau County or Suffolk County Supreme Court alone can cost $450, and you will be responsible for that fee as well. So right off the bat your payment of $500.00 is extinguished, and your payment of $450 is not sufficient, already you’re up to nearly $1,000.

By advertising bargain basement prices, larger law firms are able to keep clients coming in through a revolving door. For example, they retain twenty (20) cases a week at this low cost, execute form Stipulations of Settlement that are sloppy, impersonalized and barebones then send you on your way. Ten (10) years down the road when your child goes to apply for college and you seek a financial contribution from your ex-spouse, you realize your Stipulation of Settlement does not provide for how to pay for college for your children. There are likely dozens of these situations that may occur after your divorce. No one wants to be in that situation.

What Else are They Not Telling Me?
Correct me if I am wrong, but I highly doubt you will sit down to meet with a Nassau County or Suffolk County, a divorce attorney from Long Island can offer to handle your entire divorce case for $500 and that they will inform you that this fee does not include the costs associated with a trial. If your Long Island Divorce case proceeds to trial, it can cost upwards of $15,000 to $25,000. Your bargain basement priced attorney will certainly not assume those costs. So who is left to finance your divorce? You.

Additionally, at any time during your litigation, a Long Island Divorce Attorney can file a motion with the Court seeking to be removed from your matter. One of the main reasons a Divorce Attorney from Long Island would file such a motion is because his or her client is not paying their legal fees. If you opted for one of these low priced law firms, it is likely you were concerned about the financial aspect of your divorce. Accordingly, it is unlikely you will have $20,000 to fund long litigation over the marital residence or child custody. You do not want to wind up in the middle of a complicated litigation with no attorney, simply because you planned to pay him or her only $500 for your entire divorce. The firm got your $500, and you got stuck in the middle of a child custody battle with no attorney.

If I Should Stay Away from these Types of Offers, How Can I Pay for My Long Island Divorce?
There is no reason to opt for a divorce where your rights will not be properly protected. If you are extremely concerned about finances, speak to more than one divorce attorney, and make sure to express your concerns. If you require even more assistance, you can always contact your local bar association which may be able to guide you in the direction of pro bono services.

Why Do These Law Firms Offer These Divorces Then?
Large Long Island divorce law firms offering divorces at such low rates just want to get you in the door. To them, the constant cash flow is more important than the quality of their work and the rights of their clients. Besides, once they have you in the door, it’s a simpler matter to “upsell” you to a larger retainer. While the low price is attractive, you have to decide if protecting your rights now to ensure a positive future after your divorce is worth more than $450.

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