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Keep a Journal of Your Divorce Proceedings

Long Island Divorce Journal As a Divorce and Family Law Attorney in the Nassau and Suffolk County Courts, I see a lot of conflicting statements made on both sides. Making the effort to keep a journal of what is said by whom and when is a great way to keep everything organized in your mind and on paper. It allows you to keep track of your proceedings without forgetting anything and can also help to keep the opposing party honest. Keeping a journal is also an excellent outlet to vent your frustrations and feelings during the process. It is far better to get these feelings out on paper than for them to get the better of you in court.

Your Journal is an Effective Tool

When going through the divorce process, both you and your spouse will likely make many claims and demands. It is not uncommon for each side to have conflicting stories that contradict the other party’s statements. One way to make your story more believable to a judge in a Nassau or Suffolk County Court may be to keep a journal. Having your thoughts and observations recorded can make you appear more organized, rational and efficient. In addition, the mere fact that your “divorce journal” exists could deter your future ex from claiming anything that isn’t true.

The Key is in the Details

The key to keeping a successful journal is in the details. You need to refrain from paraphrasing and keep exact quotes the way they are, when possible. Be sure to keep the dates of all conversations pertinent to your divorce, your spouse, your children, and your marital assets. Avoid the temptation to type up your journal notes on your computer. Your handwritten notes have more authenticity in the courts because it is understood that digital documents are easier to change and modify than permanent writing in pen on paper.

Your journal can help your attorney and your case

When you keep an accurate journal of your divorce proceedings, your attorney now has physical evidence he or she can use to create sworn affidavits or find witnesses to bring in for testimony. Your journal can make the whole divorce process more streamlined and efficient for you, and help you achieve your divorce objectives.

Have More Questions? Seek Experienced Legal Counsel

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