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How Do I Find the Right Nassau County or Suffolk County, Long Island Divorce Attorney for Me?

Give Yourself the Benefit of Having Options for Selecting Your Long Island Divorce Attorney

How to Select the Right Long Island Divorce LawyerHiring a Long Island divorce attorney is not unlike hiring a staff member. Think back to when you applied for your job. Did your employer give you the job on the spot after having only interviewed one person? Most likely the answer to that question is no. The same should be true with selecting a divorce lawyer for your Nassau County or Suffolk County divorce.

Choosing a Long Island divorce lawyer may be one of the scariest job interviews in which you ever participate. Rather than being interviewed, however, in this job interview, you are on the other side of the table, as interviewer and not interviewee. No one said you have to hire the first attorney with whom you meet. In most instances, you have time to prepare to serve, or be served with divorce paperwork, which enables you to take time to interview which includes interviewing multiple attorneys before selecting the right one for you.

With the Internet being so ingrained into our lives, we know that all it takes is a simple Google search to find many listings for Long Island divorce attorneys in Nassau County or Suffolk County who would be happy to handle your case. If you are not 100 percent satisfied with the first, or second attorney you meet with, do not be afraid to keep looking.

Make Sure Your Goals Align With Those of Your Long Island Divorce Attorney

During the initial meeting with your potential Long Island divorce attorney, you will fill him or her in on the facts and circumstances surrounding your marriage. You may enter the office with an idea of the outcome you want or you may require a bit more guidance. Either way, you are under no obligation to retain an attorney you do not feel has your best interests in mind. While the attorney will get paid to do so, his or her job first and foremost is to protect your interests. If you feel the attorney you are interviewing is looking out for his or her own interests over your own, cross their name off the list.

Is It Important That You Like Your Long Island Divorce Attorney?

Just as each person has a different personality, so does each Long Island divorce attorney. A divorce attorney’s personality does not just include whether he or she is caring or has a good sense of humor, but encompasses how he or she handles court cases. Is the attorney you are speaking with aggressive for his or her clients in Nassau or Suffolk County Court, or do they seem to be someone who may easily capitulate to opposing counsel? Does the attorney prefer to file motions and litigate issues in court, or, does he or she look to resolve issues through the process of negotiation and collaborative lawyering? The answers to these questions can have a direct impact on the time it takes to resolve your case, the final outcome, and how much it costs you to get there (both financially and emotionally).

Therefore, not only must you like the individual’s work ethic and style, but you must also like his or her personality. You may want a divorce attorney who is compassionate and caring and welcomes open conversation, or you may want a divorce lawyer who is curt and to the point that can have the matter resolved quickly. Because your Long Island Divorce Attorney will become a large part of your life for an undetermined amount of time, it is important to be sure that your personalities do not clash.

Be Realistic About Costs and Expenses for Your Long Island Divorce

The realm of divorce is an area where the old saying “you get what you pay for” often holds true. You have likely seen television commercials or billboards advertising a $99 divorce, or a $150 settlement agreement you can print off the internet and have your spouse sign. These options may seem tempting, but remember, there is no such thing as a $99 divorce, and those internet documents contain only boilerplate language which may not fit your situation or fulfill your wishes. Remember, you’ll have to live with the terms of your divorce for a long time. You don’t want to make a mistake now that you’ll have to pay for the rest of your life.

With that being said, no one is telling you that in order to have a proper divorce you need to hire the same divorce attorney as a multi-millionaire. Divorces in Nassau County and Suffolk County, especially if they are litigated, are time consuming and expensive. Costs should be discussed at the initial meeting with any potential Long Island divorce attorney. Naturally, the longer an attorney has been practicing in the matrimonial field the higher their fees will be because their experience and expertise brings you greater value. When “interviewing” potential attorneys, don’t be afraid to inquire as to whether there is an associate in the office who may handle your case at a lower hourly rate. That way, you may be able to obtain the good legal reputation of the named partners at a slightly lower cost.

In any event, don’t make the mistake of retaining an attorney that you know, or feel, you may not be able to afford. If you wind up not being able to pay your fees or expenses, your attorney has the option to ask the court to relieve him or herself from your case. At this point, you’ll have to start over with finding a new attorney, and as any debt, the monies owed the original attorney will not be forgotten. In fact, your attorney may file suit against you to collect any outstanding fees owed. It is unlikely that you would enjoy dealing with that type of issue at the same time you are dealing with your divorce.

The bottom line: Be mindful of your budget while at the same time ensuring that your interests are properly protected.

Get the Names of Respectable Divorce Attorneys in Your Area

It is hard to blindly enter a divorce attorney’s office in Nassau County or Suffolk County and know right away whether he or she is the right fit for you. While the Internet may be a helpful resource, there is nothing more comforting than knowing your attorney came highly recommended from someone you know and trust.

Friends & Relatives May Have Long Island Divorce Attorney Recommendations

Your friends and relatives are likely the people you have leaned on during your marriage turmoil and now that you have finally entered the beginning stages of a divorce. Naturally, who better than your friends or relatives to provide you with the name of a divorce attorney on Long Island? If you are lucky enough to have this type of support system, you should make good use of it. Do not feel that you can only ask one person and that you must hire the person they recommend. Keep in mind, not every attorney will be the proper fit for every individual getting divorced. Ask a few of your friends and relatives, and even ask them to ask their friends or co-workers for recommendations. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

Other Professionals Can Help Recommend a Divorce Lawyer

The professional world runs off networking. Your dentist, doctor, or accountant may know a Long Island divorce attorney they feel confident recommending. Of course, to discuss a personal issue such as a divorce with your healthcare professional would imply that you feel a level of comfort with that person. If you do, it never hurts to ask.

Your Local Bar Association Can Help Provide a Nassau County or Suffolk County Divorce Attorney

Each county has a bar association which you can call for an attorney referral. All you have to do is Google the bar association for Nassau County or Suffolk County, find the phone number, and call and ask for the names and phone numbers of divorce attorneys in your area.

Familiarize Yourself with the Law

When you seek the services of a Long Island divorce attorney you are most importantly seeking legal advice. However, it does not hurt to gather some information on your own beforehand. You may have an idea of the outcome you would prefer in your case. Do some research to find out if this outcome is legally possible in Nassau or Suffolk County. If you are aware of this before you enter an attorney’s office you can avoid the possibility of hiring a dishonest attorney who will only tell you what you want to hear, and not what the law states.

Schedule Your Free Nassau County or Suffolk County, Long Island Divorce Attorney Consultation

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