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Seeking Counseling During Your Divorce

Counseling during your Long Island divorce Your divorce is likely to be one of the most emotional experiences of your life. After all, you have built a life with your spouse and now all of that is going to change. Even when it’s for the best, humans are generally predisposed not to like change, and change causes stress. You likely have many concerns that are weighing on your emotions: financial, children, your future … and many more. Uncertainty causes doubt, which causes worry, which, when it is not dealt with in a healthy manner, can have mental and physical health ramifications.

Protect Your Physical and Mental Health

Going through a Divorce can be trying for one’s mental health. You will likely experience symptoms of stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and depression. It’s very important to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy during your divorce process. For some people, there is still a stigma surrounding mental health therapy. They have an innate fear that going to therapy will make them look weak to others. In fact, the truth is exactly the opposite. Speaking to a professional to help you sort out your feelings and deal with your stress can help you look stronger during your divorce proceedings.

Strictly Confidential

It’s no secret that an extreme amount of stress and depression can alter the way one feels and acts on a day-to-day basis. Going to therapy allows you to talk about whatever is on your mind without fear of a loved one’s opinion, or getting unsolicited advice. Anything you say in therapy is strictly confidential and cannot be used in court. Going to therapy will enable you to work out what can often be conflicting emotions and feelings. It can enable you to think more clearly and act more rationally when going through your court proceedings. Those people who seek professional mental health counseling during their divorce are generally less likely to lash out irrationally during the proceedings, and sound more level headed and grounded in court.

Therapy Can Keep You from Going Backward

There is no manual on how to go through a divorce. Every person has different emotions and reactions during the proceedings. For those who may already have other mental health issues, therapy can help you from slipping back into old habits and relying on old “crutches” like over-eating or drug use. Therapy can help you work through and control your emotions throughout your daily life and especially in court.

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