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Big Update for Prenuptial Agreements on Long Island

In an unprecedented, landmark ruling, a New York appeals court has upheld a Long Island judge’s decision to void a prenuptial agreement between Elizabeth Cioffi-Petrakis and Peter Petrakis.

History of the Pre-Nup

Pre Nuptial Agreemen on Long Island NYFour days before their marriage, Mr. Petrakis approached Ms. Cioffi-Petrakis with a prenuptial agreement orally stating that if she signed it, once they had kids, he would destroy the prenuptial agreement and add her name onto the deed of the house. Mr. Petrakis told her that he didn’t want to do it, but his lawyers wanted him to protect his business and future. He also stated that if she didn’t sign it, the wedding, for which Ms. Cioffi-Petrakis’ father had already paid $40,000, would be off. Ms. Cioffi-Petrakis signed the prenuptial agreement.  Mr. Petrakas promises were made orally and were not included in any part of the contract and he subsequently went back on his word.

Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Long Island Wife

The Brooklyn Appeals Court agreed with the Nassau County Court that the Prenuptial Agreement was a “fraudulently induced” contract, creating an unprecedented event in the New York Family Law world.

Divorce Proceeds without PreNup

Now that the prenuptial agreement is stricken, the divorce proceeding will move forward, however, this decision will lead to a lot of future litigation regarding “fraudulently induced” prenuptial agreements.

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