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How to ensure a positive resolution to the end of your marriage


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This book is intended to guide those who have decided to get divorced achieve a resolution of their marriage that will help them lead productive, happy, successful lives after their divorce.

As divorce attorneys with decades of experience working with families on Long Island, all too often we see clients make serious mistakes during their divorce that cost them dearly in the years to come after their marriage is dissolved. Most often, these well-meaning and compassionate individuals make decisions “to get it over with” or “for the children” or simply because they don’t want to hurt their soon to be ex-spouse. In many cases, their actions could be considered admirable, however, they often damage themselves, their relationships with their children and their ability to move on with their lives after their divorce. While well-intentioned, their choices made during the divorce process irreparably damage their lives forever.

This book is intended to help those getting divorced set themselves up for financial, emotional and relationship success after their divorce by ensuring they make the right decisions today. It is meant to minimize the number of times we hear from clients years later that “I wish I had followed your advice; now I’m paying for it”.

Whether you’re in the process of divorce already or are planning to start proceedings soon, by downloading this book, you’ve taken the first step toward ensuring your live post-divorce gets off on the right foot.


In This Guide You’ll LEARN …

  • How to Prepare Yourself for Your Divorce
  • Why It’s Best if You Don’t Move Out
  • Why You Should Always Act as If Someone Is Always Watching
  • How to Keep Your Cool
  • How to Manage Interactions with Your Children
  • Why You Should Keep Records of Interactions with Your Ex-Spouse
  • How to Prepare Your Documents
  • How to Hire the Right Attorney for Your Case
  • Why You Need to Be Honest with Your Lawyer
  • How to Give Your Attorney the Tools They Need to Build the Result You Want
  • Why It’s Important that You Don’t Waste Your Attorney’s Time
  • How to Set Yourself Up for Success
  • Patience, Persistence, and Pragmatism Are Key to a Successful Divorce
  • How to Get Help from Experienced Long Island Divorce Lawyers
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