Signs Your Spouse is Seeking a Divorce on Long Island, NY

by | May 30, 2023 | Divorce Long Island, NY

If you’ve felt a negative shift in your marriage that you can’t quite explain, it might be symptoms of one of many issues in your relationship, or it could also be a signal that your spouse is planning to divorce you. This may or may not come as a shock depending on the previous state of your relationship, but you need to determine if this is the case as soon as possible to protect yourself and your assets.

Without actually confronting your spouse, how can you tell if they’re planning to start divorce proceedings against you? Here are some telltale signs and how to get qualified help to protect yourself when navigating an impending divorce on Long Island, NY.

#1. Your Spouse Has Started to Move Assets

If your spouse suddenly starts to move assets between accounts, open new accounts, or give away large assets as impromptu gifts to friends, this could be a sign that they’re planning on a divorce in their future.

Take note when this happens but consider not revealing that you’re aware of what your spouse is doing. Instead, you may want to document each asset they move and provide this information to an experienced attorney later on. Since New York is an equitable distribution state, all of your marital assets need to be split between you and your spouse in a divorce.

The reason to record these transactions is that, in the event that your spouse is trying to hide assets from you, you will have the documents needed to show what the asset was, its value, and where it was moved from. This can ensure that when it comes to equitable distribution, you get your fair share of the marital assets.

#2. They’re Not Talking to You

If your spouse has reduced their communication with you or has stopped talking to you altogether, this is another indicator that they may consider the relationship already over. This might be a sudden change, or it could be something that slowly develops over time.

If your spouse starts giving you the silent treatment over a long period of time or just seems uninterested in having a conversation with you, take note of when this starts and if it’s accompanied by any other unusual behaviors.

#3. They’re Staying Away from Home Often

Staying away from home often or for extended periods of time may not mean that your spouse is cheating – it could mean any number of things, including that they’re planning on getting a divorce. Of course it could also mean they are cheating AND planning to get divorced. This behavior is also often accompanied by less communication even when they are at home.

Look for signs that your spouse has another residence that they’re going to or that they’ve been staying in a hotel or at a friend’s house instead of coming home. You can confront them about their activity or you can save this information for later if the divorce papers actually come.

If you’re resigned to end the relationship, having your spouse out of the house while you’re getting things together could even be a blessing in disguise.

#4. They’ve Hired a Lawyer

You should also be suspicious if your spouse has hired an attorney but they won’t talk to you about what it’s for. If you receive mail from a lawyer at your house, look up the name of the lawyer and what areas of law they practice. If the attorney specializes in family law, or has family or divorce law as part of the practice, the likelihood that the lawyer is assisting your spouse with preparing for a divorce is much higher.

If you suspect your spouse is planning to start divorce proceeedings, it’s time to start putting together copies of your important documents and opening your own bank account if you don’t already have one in your name. You don’t want to be blindsided by a divorce, especially if your suspect your spouse has taken their time getting everything on their end together.

Make sure you keep these documents in a safe place, ideally one that’s not in your home where your spouse might accidentally come across them.

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