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Is There Such a Thing as a $450 or $399 Divorce?

In most cases, no. While you may find other attorneys advertising a $450 or $399  divorce, what these attorneys may not be telling you is that you qualify for the $450 or $399 divorce if and only if you and your spouse have no issues or disagreements regarding your children, including custody and support; property distribution, including which one of you keeps your home; or spousal maintenance, and are looking for an uncontested divorce. What this means is that you and your spouse are willing to waive any and all claims you may have against each other in your divorce proceeding, including property distribution and any type of financial support. And, the $450 or $399 divorce requires that your spouse willingly and voluntarily executes any and all documents necessary to submit your divorce to the Court. if your spouse will not sign the paperwork, you will be required to enter a new retainer agreement with any law firm to handle your divorce on a contested basis, which means that you and your spouse do not agree on the terms of a resolution. A contested divorce will be charged at an hourly rate which will greatly exceed the alleged $450 or $399. Therefore, even if you are willing to waive any and all claims you may have in your divorce, your spouse may not be, and without mutual consent, the $450 or $399 divorce is not possible. To learn more about what you need to know about How Much a Divorce Costs and how to get help to protect yourself and your future, visit this page:   

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