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Collaborative Divorce Attorney Long Island, NY

Collaborative Divorce Attorney Long Island

You and your spouse may be good candidates to use a Collaborative Divorce attorney when you want to amicably separate or divorce and you can both agree to resolve your issues through mutual cooperation and negotiation rather than litigation.

Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer:

  • Significantly Reduced Legal Fees
  • Never Having to Step Inside a Courtroom
  • Preserving Your Relationships for the Sake of your Children
  • Individualized and Skilled Legal Representation by an Attorney Well Versed in Family and Collaborative law

How Does a Collaborative Divorce Attorney Help?

Collaborative Divorce AttorneyCollaborative Divorce is an amicable resolution process through which you and your spouse separate or divorce without ever going to court. When you are both committed to resolving the complex issues involved through cooperation and negotiation, you can each be represented by an independent collaborative divorce attorney looking out for your best interests, but also committed to saving you the time, money and stress of going to court. You also have the opportunity to bring in other neutral collaborative divorce professionals such as financial analysts, mental health practitioners, divorce coaches, or child specialists, to aid in the process.

How is Collaborative Divorce Different from Mediation or Litigation?

A key feature distinguishing Collaborative Divorce (also known as collaborative law or cooperative law) from divorce mediation and other dispute resolution methods is individual legal representation for both you and your spouse. Throughout the collaborative divorce process, each of you will be represented by a collaborative divorce attorney. You and your collaborative lawyer will sign an agreement in which you all agree that you will:

  1. Work cooperatively toward settlement
  2. Share all information that is necessary to arrive at a fair settlement
  3. Retain neutral experts as necessary to reach a fair settlement
  4. Should a settlement not be reached, the attorneys will not be permitted to represent the parties in any subsequent court litigation. This encourages the parties to work toward common goals, and reduces the likelihood of threats or ultimatums compromising the process.

Collaborative Divorce Attorney Long IslandWhy is Collaborative Divorce Successful on Long Island?

Collaborative Divorce is a successful option for many families faced with the stress of a divorce because it enables you to participate in the process. Your collaborative divorce attorney at Robert E. Hornberger Esq., PC will work with you and your spouse to focus on your family, relationships, and communication, rather than on money and visitation time (which is also referred to as co-parenting time). This enables you and your spouse the opportunity to keep your relationship from becoming adversarial, making your future communication more comfortable for you and your children.


Communication is Critical for Your Children

While co-parenting time and support are very important matters to be resolved, it is equally important for you and your spouse to be able to communicate in matters regarding your children following the divorce. While certainly different, legally and practically, you and your spouse will continue to have a relationship where it concerns your children. Maintaining that relationship through the divorce process is a key benefit and goal of your collaborative divorce lawyer.

Long Island Collaborative Divorce is Confidential

Collaborative Divorce allows you and your spouse to move on with your lives in a humane, confidential and dignified manner without dragging your issues, and especially your children, into a courtroom in Nassau County or Suffolk County.

Divorce is Often Called Family Restructuring

If you have children, your divorce or separation will affect them. You owe it to your children to seek a cost effective and less adversarial resolution to you case. The Long Island Collaborative Divorce attorneys at Robert E. Hornberger, P.C., Attorneys and Counselors at Law in Melville have helped many families in Nassau County and Suffolk County benefit through the collaborative divorce process. We will be happy to show you how we can help you.


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