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Uncontested Divorce Long Island


The Divorce Law Firm of Robert E. Hornberger, Esq., P.C. is pleased to assist Long Islanders with your Uncontested Divorce for a Low, One-Time Fixed Fee. An Uncontested Divorce

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can be the most economical, low-stress and fasted route to ending your marriage and moving on with your life. An uncontested divorce is available to those couples that find that while they may love each other, they just simply do not get along and cannot live together as a couple. When you and your spouse is the answer when you and your spouse both want the divorce both agree on:

Child Custody

Child Support



Other economical and low-stress alternatives to a simple Uncontested Divorce are Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce. Contact us at 631-923-1910 to schedule your Free Uncontested Divorce Consultation.

Divorce Mediation Long Island


Divorce mediation offers a method to end your marriage and move on with your life by minimizing the emotional and financial strain that often accompany other types of divorce proceedings.

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Our Long Island Divorce Mediators goals are always to keep the process of ending your marriage from becoming adversarial and enable you to complete the process quickly, easily, inexpensively and with the least amount of stress on all the parties involved, including your children. Divorce Mediation is a Compassionate Alternative to Litigation Divorce Mediators and Divorce Mediation Long Island, NY Tailored to Meet Your Family’s Needs Confidential & Private Considerably Less Expensive than Litigation Compassionate Assistance from Start to Finish Post-Marriage Assistance On Your Time Schedule Free Consultation Fixed Fees & Affordable Payment Plans Contact us at 631-923-1910 to schedule your Free Divorce Mediation Consultation.
Litigated Divorce Long Island


If you have a complex divorce with many assets, a business or an uncooperative spouse, you may need to litigate your divorce. You want to be represented by attorneys that have the skills, experience

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and resources to protect your rights and assets as well as those of your children. You want an attorney that understands the intricacies of: Equitable Division of Property, Debts, Investments, Retirement Plans, Real Estate and Other Assets Spousal Support (aka alimony) Child Support Child Custody and Visitation Strengths and Weaknesses of Opposing Attorneys Preferences of Judges and Court Staff Our experienced Long Island divorce attorneys aggressively litigate divorce cases in Nassau County and Suffolk County court on a daily basis and will use that experience to get the best outcome possible in your unique circumstances. When you have to fight, you want the aggressive representation of Robert E. Hornberger, Esq., P.C. in your corner. Contact us at 631-923-1910 to schedule your Free Divorce Litigation Consultation.
Family Law Long Island


The compassionate and understanding Long Island Family Law attorneys at Robert E. Hornberger, Esq., PC have a great deal of experience representing and representing Long Islanders in all

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areas of family law in Nassau and Suffolk County Family Courts. We recognize the emotional nature of Family Court matters and help to take some of the burden off you as we resolve them for you with the least amount of stress and strain on your family. The Family Courts on Long Island, NY have extensive jurisdiction over all domestic matters, including: Abuse and Neglect (Child Protective Proceedings) Adoption Child Custody and Visitation Domestic Violence Foster Care, Guardianship Juvenile Delinquency Paternity Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS) Child Support Spousal Support (aka Alimony) Contact us at 631-923-1910 to schedule your Free Family Law Consultation.


Divorce Attorney Long Island Accreditations

Long Island Divorce Lawyer: Custom Solutions for You

Experienced Long Island Divorce Attorney Successfully, Affordably & Aggressively Represents Complex & Simple Cases in Nassau & Suffolk

The Long Island Divorce Attorney Law firm of Robert E. Hornberger, Esq., P.C. serves clients throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County with the finest representation for their divorce or family law matters. Our mid-sized company is neither a boutique, high-end law firm with exorbitant rates, nor a “divorce factory”, churning out impersonal divorce papers day-after-day with little concern for its clients.

Recognized for Caring, Compassionate Responsive Solutions for All Long Island Divorce & Family Law Clients

WelcomeYouBuilt upon caring, compassionate concern for you and your family our firm has been appropriately lauded by our clients and our peers. We’ve built a solid reputation of providing solutions that fit the needs of our clients, whether that’s flat-fee Uncontested Divorce, low-cost Divorce Mediation for amicable spouses, or aggressive litigation for complex cases.

Complimentary Consultation in Clean, Comfortable Offices Convenient to Nassau & Suffolk County Residents

We welcome you to visit our convenient, centrally located office on the border of Nassau County and Suffolk County in Melville, NY for a complimentary divorce consultation with a compassionate divorce attorney. At this meeting, we will listen carefully to your unique circumstances and custom-tailor an appropriate solution for you and your family. We will help you get through this brief period of turmoil to move on to your life after divorce.

Experience, Resources & Track Record of Success for Simple & Complex Divorce Cases throughout Long Island, New York

With nearly 40 years of combined experience on our family law staff, we have the knowledge, experience, resources and a track record of success ensuring a positive outcome for both simple and complex divorce and family law cases throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.

Affordable, Low-Cost Long Island Divorce Solutions for You & Your Family

Flat Fees for Uncontested Divorce on Long Island

If you and your spouse are in complete agreement on all aspects of your divorce settlement we can skillfully guide you through your uncontested divorce. We’ll ensure everything is covered and help you complete and process all your divorce paperwork quickly and affordably for one low flat fee.

Long Island Divorce Mediation for Amicable Partners

When you still have issues to revolve with your spouse, but you are able to cooperate and work together, we can help guide you and your spouse to craft a settlement that works for all parties. Divorce mediation is an affordable, quick method of alternative dispute resolution that saves time, stress and money and often results in more open lines of communication during and after the divorce.

Aggressive Representation for Complex Litigation in Nassau & Suffolk

NoWayOutSometimes there’s just no way out of litigating your divorce in a Nassau County or Suffolk County court. If you have to go to court, you want to be represented by an attorney that has the skills, experience and resources to protect your rights and assets as well those of your children. From equitable division of property, debts, investments, retirement plans, real estate and other assets, to spousal support (aka alimony), child support, child custody and visitation, divorce can become very complex. Our experienced Long Island divorce attorneys aggressively litigate divorce cases in Nassau County and Suffolk County court on a daily basis. We understand the intricacies of New York’s equitable distribution laws and will protect your financial interests to the fullest extent of the law. We know the strengths and weaknesses of opposing attorneys, and the preferences of judges and court staff and will use that experience to ensure you get the best outcome possible in your unique circumstances. When you have to fight, you want the aggressive representation of Robert E. Hornberger, Esq., P.C. in your corner.

Keys to Our Success for Our Long Island Neighbors

KeysToSuccessCompassion. We understand this is a tumultuous time for you and your family and we’ll work to help make this major life transition as smooth as possible. Every divorce is unique and personal to us and we will work to resolve your case as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Aggressiveness. When you need an aggressive attorney who is going to fight for your rights as if they were our own, you want the divorce lawyers at Robert E. Hornberger. Esq., P.C. No matter how many cases we have handled, each one is personal to us and we will work as hard we can to get you the best results.

Knowledge. We are in Nassau County and Suffolk County courtrooms every day. We know the intricacies and attitudes of every judge and every attorney and will use that knowledge to your benefit. We are committed to staying on top of the latest decisions in divorce in New York, and especially as it’s practiced on Long Island. We provide regular, noteworthy advice in our weekly divorce law blog articles to provide you with the latest developments in Long Island divorce law. We’ve even published a book with all the information you need to know before you hire a divorce lawyer. Download the “Guide to New York Divorce” by Robert E. Hornberger, Esq.

Experience. There’s no substitute for experience. You need both the current knowledge of the law and the experience for how to apply that knowledge to get the best results. We have that experience at Robert E. Hornberger, Esq., P.C.

Determination. It’s simple: we don’t like to lose. We take your case and getting you the best result possible personally. It’s a point of personal and corporate pride to not let another attorney get the better of us, including attorneys who try to drag out the process to drive up their fees. We know you want to put this experience behind you and we will do everything in our power to resolve your case as quickly as possible. You can have confidence that we’ll do everything in our power to get you the best deal to protect your rights today, and for your future.

REHcalloutIndividual Attention to Detail. The devil is in the details. This is law, after all. It’s critical that every “t” is crossed and every “i” is dotted to ensure your divorce agreement will stand up over time. Our staff is committed to perfection in everything they do for you. It’s a discipline instilled by our founder and reinforced every day.

A Leader in Long Island Divorce Law

Robert E. Hornberger, Esq., our firm’s founder, is a leader in many aspects of Long Island divorce law. He is an active participant in the legal community, including the New York State Nassau County and the Suffolk County Bar Associations, where he is a member and contributor to the Alternative Dispute Resolution committee. A director of the Collaborative Law Association of New York, Inc., Mr. Hornberger actively promotes helping couples separate or divorce with greater respect, less cost, increased privacy and skilled legal representation out-of-court whenever possible.

Contact Us for a Free Initial Consultation with a Long Island Divorce Lawyer

Whether you need a low-cost Uncontested Divorce, low-stress affordable Divorce Mediation, or aggressive Divorce Litigation, the Long Island divorce and family law attorneys at Robert E. Hornberger, Esq., P.C. are available to represent your interests compassionately, affordably and aggressively. Contact us today at 631-923-1910 for a free divorce consultation or fill out the short form on this page and we’ll get right back to you. You’ll be glad you did.

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  • I was referred to Mr. Hornberger from a friend who knew him. He spoke highly of Mr. Hornberger’s reputation as a very successful and professional divorce attorney. I was very hesitant to contact an attorney due to the sensitivity of my situation. From the moment I contacted Mr. Hornberger I knew I was in good hands. He was easy to speak with, paid close attention to all my MANY questions and reassured me that he could handle my divorce case. Since the 1st phone call, I was sure I wanted Mr. Hornberger to represent me in what I knew would be a very difficult divorce. He DID NOT disappoint! When I thought I would lose everything, with Mr. Hornberger fighting for me, I was able to have custody of my children, stay in the family home and receive child support. As far as divorce attorneys go….. Mr. Hornberger is the RIGHT choice!!!!
  • I highly recommend Rob to anyone needing a divorce lawyer. He is very detail oriented.He included and addressed everything that I never would have thought necessary in the stipulation. He is available, tough and able to communicate in the best way to every type of personality. Signed, sealed and delivered in record time, a new life for me with no errors or regrets. The best money I ever spent.


What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in New York

As a Long Island Divorce Attorney with 15 years of experience, I know how scary and complicated this unknown process of divorce can be. My job is not only to fight for the rights of my clients in and out of court, but to help make a naturally stressful process just a little less stressful.

My free, 41-page “Guide to New York Divorce: What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in New York” provides you with real information on the divorce process and the laws it rests upon in the State of New York. After reading this book, you will be able to meet with your divorce attorney confidently, with the right expectations, knowing the right questions to ask and well-prepared for the road that lies ahead.


Free Long Island Divorce GuideIn This Guide You’ll LEARN …

  • How to Know if It’s Time for a Divorce
  • Divorce or Legal Separation: Which is Right for Me?
  • What are the Grounds for Divorce in New York State?
  • How to Find the Right Divorce Lawyer
  • What Are Your Child Custody Options
  • The Ins & Outs of Child Support on Long Island
  • Do I Have to Pay Spousal Maintenance?
  • How Does ‘Equitable Distribution’ Effect My Divorce?
  • What Other Options Do I Have to End My Marriage?
  • How Do I Move On & Enjoy a Healthy Life After My Long Island Divorce?

Download Your Free Guide to New York Divorce Here!


Long Island Family Law Attorney says No-Fault Divorce reduces financial & emotion expense in Nassau County & Suffolk County

As an experienced Long Island Family Law Attorney practicing in Nassau County and Suffolk County courts, I have seen first-hand how the No-Fault divorce law has simplified the process and removed a lot of the emotional and financial costs of divorce in New York. Long Island No-Fault Since 2010 Since 2010, divorce law in New York allows married couples to divorce without assigning blame to one party. The No-Fault Divorce law allows couples who wish to dissolve their marriage to do so without providing that a spouse committed an act such as cruelty, adultery or abandonment as previously required. The grounds for a “no-fault divorce” include demonstrating that the marriage has “broken down irretrievably” for a period of at least six months, which is in many states referred to as having “irreconcilable differences.” The couple need not live in separate residences for six months, but must allege that the marriage has been “broken down” for at least that period of time. A judgment of divorce will not be granted on the grounds of “irretrievable breakdown” until after marital property distribution, custody and visitation, and spousal and child support have all been decided. No-Fault Spares Nassau Suffolk Couples Time, Stress, Money By removing the need to prove fault in order for divorce to be acknowledged by the State of New York, divorcing couples and the courts are spared the time consuming and costly litigation over whether a divorce should be granted and why. Instead, the focus is shifted to an outcome that is in the best interests of the children and family, and an equitable division of marital assets. The... read more

Divorce Family Law Attorney on Long Island Explains Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements in Nassau County & Suffolk County

As a Family Law Attorney practicing in Nassau County and Suffolk County, Long Island, I have seen as more and more couples wait until they are more established in their careers before marrying, and the increase in second or even third marriages, the number of couples looking to have pre-nuptial agreements has also increased. What is a Prenuptial Agreement on Long Island? A prenuptial agreement, or ante nuptial agreement as it is called in New York State Law, is a contract agreement between two individuals prior to the marriage that describes the legal rights of the parties upon divorce or the death of one of the parties. This type of agreement commonly addresses issues of division of property as well as spousal or child support in order to avoid disagreement or litigation if divorce were to occur in the future. Prenuptial agreements are tailored to suit each couple’s unique needs, and provide protection to those entering a marriage contract on Long Island. Prenuptial agreements can establish each spouse’s right to property, assets, and debts in the event of death or divorce, the right of each spouse to buy, sell, lease, or otherwise control property during the marriage, and each spouse’s right to spousal support or death benefits. Why Get a Prenuptial Agreement?” Couples might wish to sign a prenuptial agreement in order to clarify their rights and expectations prior to entering the marriage. As many people on Long Island now wait until a relatively older age to marry, individuals in Nassau County or Suffolk County going into a marriage may have accumulated more income and assets that they wish... read more

Long Island Divorce Lawyer Explains Equitable Distribution Laws in Nassau County or Suffolk County Divorce

With many years of experience as a divorce lawyer on Long Island, I have seen first-hand, how the division of marital property is perhaps the largest issue in most people Nassau County or Suffolk County divorce. Divorces on Long Island are governed by the laws of the State of New York, which provides guidelines for how marital property is to be divided during the divorce proceedings. These rules are known as Equitable Distribution. In a New York divorce, marital property is divided by equitable distribution. Simply put, the courts use the equitable distribution doctrine in an attempt to divide marital property as fairly and equitably as possible. This does not always mean that property is divided based upon who owned what during the marriage, or that each party receives 50 percent of the marital assets. Instead, the courts use multiple factors in order to determine the most fair and reasonable distribution of the marital property. During marriage, each spouse has the right to ownership of his or her own income, and also has the right to any property to which he or she holds sole ownership. However, upon divorce, specific marital property is divided without regard to which spouse held title. In other words, which spouse’s name is on what property is not the main factor that will be considered in determining who gets what after the marriage. Instead, a judge will determine an equitable division of assets, which may or may not be exactly equal. Of course, this doctrine is employed by the courts only when the parties cannot come to a private agreement of their own regarding... read more