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Do I Need a Lawyer for My Long Island Divorce?

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Divorce Lawyer Divorce Attorney, NY

If you’re considering a divorce you may want to know if you can dissolve your marriage without having to hire a divorce lawyer. Many people like you considering the idea of dissolving their marriage want to know if they can do so without an attorney. You may have the desire to keep their divorce as simple and inexpensive as possible and believe that you and your spouse can do it more simply, quickly and inexpensively without a lawyer involved. When looking at it from this perspective, getting a divorce without the expense of hiring an attorney may seem appealing.

However, working with a veteran divorce lawyer is usually in your best interests and can save you a lot of money, stress and grief in the long run. They have experience, resources and contacts that you don’t (and don’t even know you might need), and they understand New York divorce law better than you do. If you don’t have a good, experienced divorce lawyer on your team protecting your rights and thinking of your future, you risk losing assets, support, and even custody of your children. And the ramifications of one small overlooked issue could wind up costing you for years or decades to come, preventing you from moving on and living your best life.

Let’s break it down further though and review situations where having the support of an attorney is arguably critical. Some indicators that you will likely need a lawyer for your Long Island divorce include but are not limited to:

Your Spouse Already Has an Attorney

If your spouse was the one to file for divorce first, they likely already have a divorce lawyer guiding them through the steps of dissolving your marriage. It’s rarely a good idea to attempt to represent yourself in any legal matter, but this is even more so the case if your spouse has hired a lawyer to represent them. You will need an equally capable and resourceful attorney that is comfortable going head-to-head with their legal representation both in settlement negotiations and litigation, if necessary.

Your Divorce Is Likely to Be Contentious

If you suspect that your spouse will argue with you on every point of the divorce just to be contentious, you’ll want a divorce lawyer in your corner to protect you and help you navigate this opposition at every turn. An experienced divorce attorney can help intercept much of the communication between your spouse and/or their attorney, notifying you only of matters that are of significant importance. Your attorney will know what is even legally possible or would be accepted by a judge in court and can protect you from unreasonable demands. Even if your spouse has plans to severely impact your life through the divorce, an attorney can help mitigate these efforts against you.

You Share Children with Your Spouse

One sure reason to hire a Long Island divorce lawyer is if you and your spouse have children together. Child custody and visitation matters are often highly emotional issues in a divorce. When things get tough, your children have the potential to be significantly and negatively impacted by an unwitting parent going through a divorce. Your attorney can help ensure you can protect the rights of your children and your rights as a parent from a spouse who may be inclined to use them as weapons to hurt you.

You may also be assigned a guardian ad litem. This is an attorney that is appointed specifically to your children and only represents the interests of your children. They are typically involved in child custody, visitation, and support matters to act as an unbiased voice for the children during family legal negotiations.

You Need Spousal Support to Survive

If you are the lesser earning spouse and stand to potentially receive alimony or spousal support, you will absolutely want an attorney to help advocate for you to receive the assets and support you deserve during your divorce.

If alimony is on the table, usually the spouse who stands to pay it will do everything possible to fight against it. You’ll need a capable Long Island divorce lawyer who can zealously advocate for you to receive a full and fair divorce settlement and that you’re awarded alimony long enough to learn how to support yourself in the long term.

On the other hand, if you are going to have to pay spousal support, you’ll want an attorney who can protect your interests and ensure you are not over-paying your ex. While it might be fair and just to provide some support while your spouse gets back on their feet, you don’t need to be a “cash cow” that supports an unreasonably extravagant lifestyle on the back of your hard work forever.

Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets

In some cases, highly affluent spouses will attempt to hide money or assets from the other spouse before or during a divorce in an attempt to keep these assets for themselves. This is against the law. In a New York divorce, both parties must make full financial disclosure. This includes listing all monetary and non-monetary assets, such as bank and savings accounts, heirlooms, and other types of property. An experienced divorce attorney knows what to look for and the signs that someone may be hiding assets to prevent them from being accounted for in the divorce.

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