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The relationship between a Nassau County or Suffolk County, Long Island divorce attorney and his or her clients is a delicate thing. Clients often seek divorce attorneys when they are at one of the lowest points in their lives, their emotions are running high and their pain often outsmarts their rational thinking. To put it more simply – matrimonial and family law attorneys often come into contact with good people at their worst.

While it is a Long Island divorce attorney’s job to see things from their client’s perspective, clients rarely, if ever, put themselves in their attorney’s shoes. As an experienced divorce attorney practicing on Long Island, I pride myself on always being honest and upfront with my clients, even if that honesty requires me to tell them something they do not want to hear.

For most people, this entire article will consist of things they may not want to hear, but these things will make the relationship between them and their Divorce Attorney that much stronger.

1. You are not your attorney’s only client. Although most divorce attorneys practicing on Long Island wish they could give each client their undivided attention every second of every day, it simply is not practical. In my office, matters are handled in the following order: time sensitive matters such as court filings, motions and paperwork which needs to make a deadline; matters for a client with whom I have a meeting; and then first in, first out. At times, this will upset clients, however, just as anyone would do at their own jobs, if your attorney needs to make a deadline, that matter must come before everything else.

2. You call too often. Long Island divorce attorneys, like all attorneys, bill for their time. The more of their time you take up, the higher your bill will be. Hours spent on the phone with a client who is venting will drive up their bill because you are utilizing the attorney’s time. Your divorce attorney will listen to you for as long as you need, but you should try to keep those calls as short and to the point as possible. Always understand that you are being billed for each minute spent on the phone. As stated above, a divorce is an emotional issue. Everyone needs to vent and discuss issues out loud during their divorce. You should save these venting sessions with a trusted friend, family member or therapist; not your divorce attorney. Save your calls to your divorce attorney for legal matters.

Some clients feel the need to check in, either every few days or once a week. Your Nassau County or Suffolk County divorce attorney will always contact you when there is a development in your case or he or she needs something from you. Every matter has periods where nothing happens; this does not mean your attorney “dropped the ball” or forgot about you, it is just the way the practice of law works.

3. Your refusal to listen to their legal advice is frustrating. You hired your divorce attorney to do their job according to the law in Suffolk County or Nassau County, so your best course of action is to let them. Every now and then I will have a client who is unhappy because he or she feels nothing is being accomplished on their matter; however, the client fails to realize that he or she rejected each and every available option set forth. If you tie your attorney’s hands behind his or her back, you cannot blame your attorney for nothing getting done. Your divorce attorney wants to help you; you just have to let them use their knowledge and experience to help you.

4. Your attorney cannot work for free. Most divorce attorneys practicing on Long Island are sensitive to the fact that money is tight for a client going through a divorce; however, your attorney cannot work for free. Just like you, your Nassau County or Suffolk County divorce attorney has a family to support and a home to maintain. And just like you, they need to earn money to do so. You do not work for free, your doctor does not work for free and neither does your Long Island Divorce Attorney. Financial issues can be solved by a conversation between you and your attorney. Most attorneys, including myself, will accept a monthly payment plan to help ease the burden of a divorce.

While many people may find this article blunt, at times the truth is the hardest thing to hear. Your Long Island Divorce Attorney cares about you, but you need to have the confidence in them to trust they are doing what is in your best interests.

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