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In my many years of experience as a Long Island Divorce Attorney, many clients have the same questions when they first start their divorce proceedings. In an effort to ease some of your natural anxiety over these issues, below are answers to some frequently asked questions associated with beginning your divorce on Long Island.

Asset Protection

A big concern of most people have coming into our law firm is what happens to their assets now that they are beginning a divorce. In New York State, the law requires you and your spouse to protect your marital assets. This means that neither you nor your spouse are permitted to unilaterally transfer, sell or destroy any marital assets. When the law is speaking about marital assets in this context, it means bank accounts, the marital residence, cars and things of that nature. What this really boils down to is that neither you nor your spouse can empty a bank account, destroy the artwork you bought using money from your wedding, or sell the marital residence out from underneath one another.

Social Media

With the incredible boom of social media, many of our clients have an online presence. It seems to be the trend that many people put very personal details on their social media profiles. We typically advise our clients to fight that urge and keep your personal life private. While this may seem like a simple and straightforward task, when your spouse begins to become very active on his or her social media page, it can become very challenging to rise above. However, it can prove to be very important to remain off social media, as there have been more than a few cases in which social media postings have been used against someone in court. As such, I advise my clients to let their spouse do as they will, but do not stoop to their level.

What about those $500 Divorces?

There have been many times in which a client comes to our office inquiring about a “cheap” divorce. They might have seen advertisements in newspapers or on television in which an attorney promises a $500 divorce. Usually, they seem too good to be true, and they typically are. Normally, I recommend avoiding these types of divorces, as the attorneys that offer these services will not spend the time and money necessary to effectively advocate for you and your interests. In order to properly represent you during your Long Island Divorce, $500 will usually not cut it. There are so many different avenues that need to be explored, such as child support, custody and visitation, maintenance, and equitable distribution, that $500 will not allow the attorney to do his or her job effectively. In order to ensure your interests are properly protected, it will require zealous advocacy and attention to detail.

How Can I Ensure a Happy, Healthy Post-Divorce Relationship with my Spouse?

I have found that with many divorces, especially those with children, my clients want to have a healthy relationship with their spouse post-divorce. Those with children understand they will have to communicate with their ex-spouse after the divorce regarding the children, so it’s important that the lines of communication stay open and amicable.

This goal can be very difficult to remember when you are in the thick of your divorce, but it is something that can be achieved if both parties are on a similar page. Throughout my many years of experience, I have found that Uncontested Divorces and Divorce Mediation produce the best post-divorce relationships. However, it is possible to move forward and have a respectful relationship with your spouse even after a Contested Divorce. The key is really about communication and keeping clear, realistic and fair goals in mind while navigating your Long Island Divorce. With the help of cooperative attorneys, you and your spouse may be able to respectfully communicate and have a healthy relationship moving forward.

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