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Getting a cheap divorce can get very expensive if you don’t hire an experienced divorce attorney. Everyone knows that divorce can be an expensive process, and many taking on the task look for ways to cut costs. Some are even willing to attempt their divorce without a lawyer.

‘Do-It-Yourself-Divorce’ Does Not Always Equal Cheap Divorce

The phenomenon of “Do-it-Yourself Divorce” has become popular over the years, with many couples opting for fillable court forms rather than papers carefully drafted by an attorney. While this may seem like a smart way to save on attorney’s fees, there are many risks involved that can lead to a greater cost, and much regret, for you in the long run.

Your Divorce Attorney Ensures Your Divorce Isn’t Expensive Later

First, whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, having an attorney is important for protecting your own interests today and tomorrow, and years down the line. Certainly, if you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement about the terms of your divorce, it is important to have your own attorney to represent your interests and make sure you receive a fair settlement or outcome. On the other hand, even if you can come to an agreement with your spouse, professional advice from attorney can be key to having an agreement that says just what you want it to and ensure you are asserting your most important interests in the process.

Most Long Island Divorces Are Not Simple Enough for a Cheap Divorce

In addition, divorce is not as simple as splitting everything down the middle. There are often children, significant assets, and debt involved. Keep in mind that your assets are not simply bank accounts containing a fixed sum. Assets include real property, personal property, retirement and investment accounts, and more. Some of these assets may be owned solely by one spouse, and some owned by both spouses together. Depending upon when and how the assets were obtained, they will be distributed differently by the court. In addition, issues of spousal maintenance and child support will need to be decided. Experienced divorce lawyers have the knowledge and skill to assert your rights and get you a settlement that is both fair and reasonable, and that leads to your financial security. If you attempt to take on this process without an attorney, you are far more likely to get an unfair settlement that can affect you financially months or years down the road.

Experienced Divorce Attorneys Know What to Expect in Nassau & Suffolk County Court

Attorneys know what to expect in court and how to handle the nuances of each unique divorce. Attorneys know what is relevant in court and which arguments work. Attempting to do it on your own can create confusion in the courtroom and cause significant delay in the court process, which can create additional expenses. There is a significant amount of paperwork and documentation needed in the process of divorce litigation, and deadlines must be followed. A divorce attorney can quickly subpoena all necessary documents and records, and analyze and compile them in a clear and complete manner for the court’s review. The court may order you to pay some of these additional expenses, including your spouse’s attorney’s fees.

Cheap Divorce Doesn’t Account for Child Custody & Visitation Issues

Cheap divorces don’t take into account all the variables of child custody and visitation issues. Especially where child custody and visitation is involved, having a trusted attorney by your side is crucial. In a divorce proceeding where custody and visitation is contested, the judge ultimately decides who will have custody of the children, including where the children will live and which parents will make important medical and educational decisions for the children, as well as the visitation schedule for the noncustodial parent. If your spouse has an attorney and you do not, you are taking a big risk when it comes to your children. An attorney knows the ins and outs of what factors into the judge’s decision on child custody and visitation, and you risk losing on this crucial issue if you fail to show the judge your strongest legal points.

Your Divorce Attorney Can Reduce the Stress of Your Divorce

Finally, divorce can be an extremely stressful process, and having a qualified divorce attorney is key to mitigating the stress of the unknown. The issues in a divorce can deeply affect your financial, mental and emotional security, as well as your relationships with your children and other family members. An attorney can explain the process to you step by step, and provide critical advice and guidance to you. An attorney can help you to streamline the process, and can even help you to reach a settlement agreement that is the most favorable for you. The experience of divorce can become significantly more manageable when you have an attorney handling your divorce litigation.

An Affordable Divorce is Less Expensive Than a Cheap Divorce

To learn more about what you need to know about How Much a Divorce Costs and how to get help to protect yourself and your future, visit this page: There is really no such thing as a cheap divorce, but many are more expensive then they have to be. There are many options and methods of divorce that can keep most people out of a courtroom in Nassau County or Suffolk County on Long Island. From divorce mediation to collaborative divorce to divorce litigation, the experienced attorneys at the Family Law office of Robert E. Hornberger, P.C. will do everything they can to recommend the most affordable solution for the specifics of your divorce. Contact our office today at 631-923-1910 for a free consultation for an affordable divorce.
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