How to Talk to Your Adult Kids About Your NY Divorce

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Divorce Long Island, NY

Getting a divorce later in life can be particularly challenging, especially when you consider all the additional assets that come with being more established in life. Things like jointly owned property, home businesses, and retirement plans can really complicate a divorce later in life.

With all of these issues, there is unfortunately one thing that often gets put on the back burner during divorces of this sort: talking to adult children about the divorce. Many couples who have already raised their children think that a divorce won’t affect their children since they’re grown and have their own lives. 

But emotions can still run high for your adult children, so it’s important to break the news gently and support them through the process. Here’s how to talk to your older children about your upcoming divorce and where to get qualified legal assistance you can trust. 

Break The News of Your Divorce in a Private Setting 

For many families, it’s tradition to break bad news to other people in public, perhaps over dinner at the person’s favorite restaurant. This supposedly discourages emotional outbursts, but being in public when receiving heartbreaking information can be uncomfortable and frightening. You aren’t guaranteed a calm response either. 

It’s better to give the news of your upcoming divorce to your adult children in a private setting, such as the family home or while on a secluded nature walk. If your kids get emotional or even angry, it’s usually easier to manage when you’re at home or someplace where it’s just you and your family.  

Give Your Children Time to Process the News of Your Divorce

Many older couples getting what’s known as a “gray divorce” don’t expect their children to be as affected as they would be if they were much younger. When adult kids become upset or distraught over their parents’ divorce, many older couples are shocked and unsure what to do next. They often don’t expect a strong reaction since things like child custody, visitation, and financial support aren’t an issue. 

The best thing you can do after giving the news of your divorce to your older children is to give them time to come to terms with it. For them, a fundamental building block of their life and identity is being challenged. 

Even though custody battles won’t be on the table, your child will still need to come to terms with the fact that their parents no longer love each other or want to be together. Don’t expect them to bounce back from the news quickly and try to show compassion if your children are hurt, frustrated, or even very angry. 

Allow Kids to Maintain Whatever Relationship They Want With Your Spouse 

Whether your kids are young or out of the house, it’s best for them to maintain a healthy and meaningful relationship with both of their parents. Avoid talking to them about the divorce or what you think your spouse did “wrong” to end the marriage. Be careful not to influence their thoughts or opinions about the other parent, regardless of how significant those issues are to you or how deeply they impact you. 

This is often a little easier with adult rather than younger children, since you don’t have to facilitate custody and visitation schedules. Your kids can go see their other parent on their own time and can use their own vehicle or public transportation. You won’t have to communicate with your ex about where your children are or when they’ll be brought back, which can help make the divorce process easier. 

Get Qualified Legal Assistance for Your New York Divorce 

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